Top 10 World’s Most Valuable Technology Companies in 2022

As the great enablers of worldwide digital transformation, these ten giants of the technology landscape are helping tackle virtually every kind of problem

Top 10 World’s Most Valuable Technology Companies in 2022

10.Alibaba Group

Industry: Internet, e-commerce, cloud computing, mobile media, and more.
Annual revenue: $125 bln.
Employees: 251,460 people.


Industry: Electronics, household appliances, shipbuilding, aircraft engineering.
Annual revenue: $234 bln.
Employees: 287,440 people.


Industry: Internet, search engine, social networking, web portals, e-commerce, AI, etc.
Annual revenue: $84 bln.
Employees: 51,350 people.


Industry: Semiconductors, video games, consumer electronics, computer hardware.
Annual revenue: $24 bln.
Employees: 8,980 people.


Industry: Semiconductors.
Annual revenue: $57 bln.
Employees: 56,830 people.

5.Meta Platforms Inc (Facebook)

Industry: Social media, online advertisement.
Annual revenue: $112 bln.
Employees: 58,600 people.


4.Amazon Inc.

Industry: e-commerce, consumer electronics, digital distribution, cloud computing, etc.
Annual revenue: $458 bln.
Employees: 1,298,000 people.


3.Alphabet Inc.

Industry: research and development, software, video games, biotechnology, etc.
Annual revenue: $239 bln.
Employees: 135,300 people.



Industry: software development, hardware, electronics, cloud computing, etc.
Annual revenue: $185 bln.
Employees: 181,000 people.


1.Apple Inc.

Industry: hardware, software, electronics, information technology, etc.
Annual revenue: $379 bln.
Employees: 154,000 people.