To Protect Your Dog From Any Hidden Genetic Health Chat with Human 24/7

To Protect Your Dog From Any Hidden Genetic Health Chat with Human 24/7

  • Developed By Award Winning Veterinarian & Geneticist
  • Accurately Test & Identify Over 350 Breeds
  • Test For Over 200 Genetic Diseases and Conditions
  • Proprietary Lifeplan™ – Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Proven Superior Accuracy Against Competing Brands
  • Your Purchase Directly Helps Save Shelter Dogs

Dig Into the Genes That Make Your Dog So Unique

Identify Potential Health Risks BEFORE They Happen

Are you wondering about what breed your dog is? Are you concerned that he or she may carry a genetic disease? Finding out too late is not only heartbreaking but can be a financial strain.

You can now know everything about your dog with a revolutionary DNA and Health Test from 38 Paw. It accurately tests for 284 hereditary diseases plus 25 hereditary traits. You can prepare for any possible risks!



Chat with a Dog Veterinarian in minutes, 24/7


Dog ate chocolate, food issues, trouble with legs, red eyes, bloody stool and more
Help with symptoms, feeding, pain, behavior & more to keep your dog healthy
Unlimited chats –  one-week trial membership. Cancel anytime.


What’s included:

Unlimited conversations with Dog Veterinarians

Connect with a verified dog vet in minutes. No appointments. No waiting rooms. No high vet fees.

About any issue

We can help when your dog eats something odd or won’t eat anything at all, when your Lab starts limping, when your Chihuahua’s eye turns red, or any other issue impacting your dog’s health and well-being.

For every dog

Veterinarians and dog specialists available to help care for your Labrador, Chihuahua, German Shepherd, Yorkie, Terrier, Golden, and every other type of breed.

At any hour

A team of verified dog veterinarians are on call, 24/7, to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy.

Thousands of highly rated,
verified Dog Veterinarians
Specialties include: All Dog Veterinary, Symptoms, Poisoning, Illness, Medication, Behavior, Other Dog Problems and more.

How it works

  • Connect

    Tell the Vets’ Assistant what’s going on so that she can find the best Veterinarian for your dog.

  • Go back-and-forth

    Connect with the vet via email, text, or phone. Include photos and a detailed description to ensure you get a comprehensive answer.

  • Keep your dog healthy

    When your dog isn’t feeling well, get step-by-step instructions from a licensed vet in minutes, 24/7.