SolarWinds Review: SolarWinds vs. MetricFire 2022

SolarWinds is an affordable network and operation monitoring result, but primarily a network monitoring result. innovated in 1999, the company has erected an online community of registered druggies. still, monitoring has come a long way since the early 2000s. How does SolarWinds mound up against MetricFire in terms of features and pricing? In this composition, we break down the comparison into fluently digestible, unprejudiced information to help you make an informed decision.

Then at MetricFire, we see guests coming in from SolarWinds because they are looking for better dashboards and a more flexible monitoring tool. Take a look at the story of this client, who migrated from SolarWinds to MetricFire last time. MetricFire is a structure monitoring tool that can be used for garçon, network, operation, and systems covering. You should subscribe up for the MetricFire free trial, and book rally then.

About MetricFire

innovated in 2012, MetricFire is an operation and structure monitoring platform. The SaaS company has hosted Graphite and hosted Prometheus monitoring. Both Prometheus and Graphite are open-source monitoring and waking tools for IT structure.

SolarWinds vs MetricFire Features Comparison

The two companies differ in how they approach to network and operation monitoring. SolarWinds has personal products that need a physical garçon to run, and they have lately started to offer pall monitoring. MetricFire, on the other hand, offers monitoring as a service by using open-source monitoring tools. The SaaS model makes MetricFire a veritably scalable and affordable result compared to SolarWinds. Let’s dive into the prominent features of the two and see how they compare.

Functionality Reporting

Reporting is a crucial point of any monitoring result. Reports can help IT directors snappily assess performance and identify any issues. Creating custom reports with SolarWinds is not the most straightforward task. Setting up each element for reporting can be time- ferocious. also, if you’re using an SMTP customer for customizing reports, you’ll need an agent that can understand your system information. According to one stoner review of SolarWinds,” Individual reports are veritably grueling to grasp as you need to link directly to the website in order to get further details or configure the report more grounded on the company need. It’s not simple to set up each part to get better details, you may customize each item with SMTP, but you’ll bear an agent to help grasp the system information.”
Custom reporting with MetricFire, on the other hand, is a breath. Monitoring data is fed directly into Grafana, which is an open-source data visualization tool. The point-rich tool can be used to make custom graphs and the UI is enough straightforward, too. Grafana as a service is included with every monitoring plan offered by MetricFire. According to a MetricFire review by a stoner on Capterra,” You can produce really useful dashboards of your most important systems, and also you can set the dashboard to bus- refresh. We keep Hosted Graphite up on displays devoted to covering our systems.”

Updates SolarWinds

elevation, both in terms of element updates and in terms of scalability, is a complicated procedure in SolarWinds. You need to install fresh polling machines to collect and assay further monitoring data. Updates can affect in time-out. also, you should test an upgrade of SolarWinds before installing it, since upgrades can not be rolled back. Given the complexity of the task, you might need fresh support, for which you need to pay. According to a stoner review on G2,” client services/ support makes you pay to get upgrade backing, indeed also there’s veritably little to no help with elevation software unless commodity breaks.”
Updates on MetricFire, on the other hand, are automatic. Since everything is on the pall, updates to Graphite, Prometheus, and Grafana are automatically installed. The same holds true for factors, too. There’s no service time-out.

Price SolarWinds

SolarWinds has two pricing categories-perpetual licensing and subscription licensing. The perpetual license allows you to use the monitoring tools for life. still, you need to pay a monthly figure for support and conservation. Subscription licensing, on the other hand, is available for a period of 1- 5 times. You need to renew your subscription at the end of your chosen period.

SolarWinds doesn’t expose its exact pricing. still, SolarWinds pricing starts at$ per time, according to the company’s website. SolarWinds is a precious monitoring result, according to several stoner reviews. According to a stoner review on G2,” I dislike it’s licensing and it’s a little bit expensive as compared to other monitoring tools. There is still some bias which isn’t supported by SolarWinds and they’re in use in our terrain.”

MetricFire, on the other hand, has scalable pricing options. You pay for what you use. The introductory plan gives you two stoner accounts and a subscription period of 6 months. MetricFire pricing starts at$ 85 per month, which makes it a really affordable monitoring result for utmost businesses. According to a stoner review on Capterra,” The great service along with a great price makes us an extremely happy stoner and I would largely recommend to anyone in need of Graphite.”


Client Support of SolarWinds

Both the companies have24/7 support. still, in the case of the perpetual license of SolarWinds, you need to pay a fresh monthly figure. There are no fresh charges for client support with MetricFire.
It also looks like SolarWinds’ client support leaves a lot to be asked. According to a stoner review on TrustRadius,” occasionally the support refers us to the Knowledge base and boom. Not a huge deal, but I only end up putting in a ticket when I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for a result.”

MetricFire’s client support, on the other hand, has substantially entered positive feedback from druggies. According to a review on Capterra,” The world’s stylish client service platoon( Dave and Charlie are great to work with) * Rock-solid trustability * Connect to them with whatever endpoint you ask — TCP, HTTP, TLS( in beta), so it’s super easy to set up. * Use your StatsD( with HG config out-of-the-box) or theirs * Zero- conf metric storehouse and partitioning, it just works * Automagic grafana integration.”

SolarWinds vs MetricFire Verdict

MetricFire really shines in custom reporting, compared to SolarWinds, given its direct integration with Grafana and great client support. In addition, it’s a platform-agnostic monitoring result with automatic backups and updates.

While SolarWinds is a trusted name in the field of network and operation monitoring, it can feel cumbrous. There’s a substantial literacy wind, compared to the draw-and-play nature of MetricFire. also, it can be a precious monitoring result, especially for growing businesses.

SolarWinds might work for big businesses that can pour coffers into their IT department. still, if you’re looking for a more affordable, scalable result, MetricFire is the way to go.

You should subscribe up for the MetricFire free trial, or book a rally and talk to the platoon directly!


About SolarWinds Conclusion

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, SolarWinds makes software for IT structure operations. In 2015, the company was bought by Thoma Bravo in a cash and stock deal for$4.5 billion.
The company has a suite of network and operation monitoring products. All the products need at least a Windows 8 or advanced to run. In terms of garçon, the comity is limited to Windows garçon. You need at least a 2012 or 2012 R2 to run SolarWinds operations.