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Top 12 Marketing Technology Trends to Follow in 2022

The Marketing Technology, among all disciplines, is largely susceptible to change and constant elaboration. Missing out on the new trends in marketing leaves business possessors before, not allowing them to gain a competitive advantage, induce further leads, and attract new guests.

Let’s dive into 12 current trends in marketing below

1. Wearable tech integration

Let’s start our list of innovative Martech trends from wearables. Wearable martech integrations offer new ways to approach cult and make connections with druggies. Smartwatches and other tools enable largely targeted advertising — for case, a person who’s looking for a vesture store can get an announcement from one when passing it by.

Wearable technologies for a marketing boost
Wearable technology trends in marketing allow marketers to reach implicit shoppers at the right time in the right place, adding conversion rates.

Also, also to how mobile optimization came to a major ranking factor, wearable tech can also have a part to play in hunt machine optimization. In the future, website directors might be needed to optimize their platforms for smartwatches and other wearable biases to get an advanced ranking.

2. VR/ AR content

VR juggernauts have been in the marketing technology news for a long time. Adidas, for case, launched one back in 2017, allowing people to follow two mountain rovers in real-time. Incorporating stoked and virtual reality in advertising juggernauts plays well with druggies ’ desire to prioritize the shopping experience over the product’s price. VR/ AR content marketing Technology

On top of that, new technologies in marketing can be used to appeal to young followership. Online advertisements or television commercials as tools won’t be as effective in connecting with kiddies as an immersive crusade is.

Samsung launched the Bedtime VR Stories app that proved the effectiveness of immersive technology in connecting youths and brands.

3. Big-data platforms for in-depth monitoring and analytics

The impact of data on marketing technology trends increases gradationally. Thanks to crusade performance monitoring platforms, directors can track the effectiveness of the content they publish, and capture criteria — client Acquisition Cost, client Continuance Value, and numerous further.

Big data analytics| TechMagic

In the coming many times, as machine literacy and AI tools come more affordable, there will be platforms for handling the following tasks

Making accurate pricing opinions.

Thanks to martech trends in 2022, business possessors will be suitable to ensure their pricing strategy has high upside implicit and gives their product line an advantage compared to challengers.
Advanced client responsiveness.
Being suitable to prognosticate changes in client values and precedences gives businesses more reactivity and increases rigidity in content creation, platoon collaboration, or choosing the right marketing channels.
adding client fidelity.
Collecting further data on guests and recycling it with the help of an intelligent platform will help brands feed to guests more efficiently, offering them applicable special deals. The company will be suitable to promote only the products that are applicable to druggies without being spare or protrusive.
Acorn- Ie-commerce analytics app case study| TechMagic

4. Programmatic advertisements

Right now, marketers still have an important part to play when it comes to setting up the announcement. dereliction settings are infrequently the stylish bones
, and directors have to tweak the crusade settings a ton to run a successful crusade.

In the US alone, programmatic advertisement spending has been projected to hit near to$ 100 billion in 2022. The US and UK are anticipated to lead the change and have the loftiest share of programmatic advertising and trade.

5. Chatbots

Back in 2016, Oracle set up out that every alternate client is awaiting24/7 vacuity from client support. Reaching this position of client- benevolence is coming insolvable without chatbot perpetration- another bone
from our top martech trends list.

Chatbots in MarTech trends
It’s estimated that chatbots will be vastly more mortal in the coming five times, thanks to machine literacy and artificial intelligence advancements. The development of voice bots — like Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana,etc. — is one of the most promising trends in marketing technology development that specialists can work to collect further client queries and increase conversion rates.

6. Blockchain- grounded marketing tools

Advertising fraud is a major problem marketers face. Research estimates that marketing directors lose around$ 19 million a time to fraudulent exertion. To make sure you can track the KPI of a crusade transparently and aren’t transferring your budget down the drain, consider using blockchainanti-fraud platforms in 2022.

Blockchain allows marketers to offer druggies solid data behind their claims as well. For case, a blockchain-grounded platform can keep records that prove the product’s authenticity or place of provenance.

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7. Voice technology

Smart speakers are no longer an oddity in ultramodern houses. According to studies, the number of voice sidekicks grew by 78 between 2017 and 2018 and has only increased since. Only in the USA, there will be millions of voice adjunct druggies in 2022, according to Statista prognosys.

Voice assistant druggies in the USA in figures
Data by Statista
The impact of one of the biggest 2022 martech trends is irrefutable — then’s what it means for marketers

The rise of audio branding.
Unique announcement tones will be a major way for technology companies to stand out among challengers;
A growing emphasis on UX voice content.
It’ll be decreasingly more important to make sure a person feels comfortable talking to the brand’s voice adjunct.
Music is a part of the brand culture.
Since 77 Americans are active music pennants, connecting to companies that partake guests ’ tastes in music will come a growing trend in the future. Marketers should consider the rising significance of music and produce ingrained playlists to connect with druggies more efficiently.

8. Mobile-first results Marketing Technology

Millennials and Gen Z are known as mobile-first generations. For them, probing the web is no longer a necessity or a ritual but a diurnal exertion. That’s why these shoppers are frequently doing shopping or ordering services on the go — and the tendency is then to stay.
Mobile-first results for marketing improvement
How should marketers work the adding fashionability to one of the stylish 2022 martech trends? Then are many ways to profit from the trend

Designing for mobile as precedence.
Businesses will attract investments for marketing in mobile social media apps and have to take Zuckerberg’s Meta road in the unborn — catering primarily to mobile druggies and spanning for desktops as they go.
icing their online platforms are mobile-friendly.
Since responsiveness is formerly a pivotal factor to impact rankings, marketers can not miss out on feeding to mobile druggies well.
using stoner-generated content.
The boost of marketing ROI and the implicit impact of UGC juggernauts have been emotional recently.
position- grounded targeting.
analogous to wearable tech, smartphone-grounded Bluetooth and GPS shadowing helps business possessors find prospects that are in close physical propinquity to the store or the office and get in touch with them.

9. Data operation and client data platforms Marketing Technology

client data platforms are another promising digital marketing technology trends of the decade. In the coming three to five times, these tools are anticipated to come huge — the request value is estimated to reach$3.2 million by 2023.

As GDPR and data protection regulations in California limit marketers ’ freedom in data gathering, data operation, and association platforms will be pivotal for recycling the sapience brands formerly have more efficiently.

A fresh point similar platforms are going to introduce is lookalike modeling — marketers can use client data to produce other biographies of prospective guests and discover new target cults.

case study- TechMagic

10. Omnichannel communication experience

Since new marketing channels will crop up and there will be more ways to reach guests, businesses will have to release omnichannel content to influence the full eventuality of every tool. In 2022, brands ’ marketing strategies will concentrate on bringing different guests closer together.

Possible exemplifications include

Online and offline confluence.
Using IoT- enabled mobile apps to help guests find the right product in the store or notifying them about special offers is formerly a common practice that’s going to be amplified over the coming five times.
Long- continuing client trip.
Marketing directors will need to invest further trouble in connecting with prospective guests, including targeting them via different communication channels using colorful means — videotape, posts, and audio content.
Brands will be more mortal and client-centric.
The development of technology allows businesses to talk to guests in different styles. The fashionability of real-time content, similar to Instagram stories, will bear further humanization and authenticity from companies.

11. Push Announcements

Brands are decreasingly using drive announcements to keep their guests engaged. And by the way, this is laboriously working because utmost mobile druggies have the option of entering similar dispatches on their smartphones actuated.

Push announcement in Martech trends
On the other hand, it’s essential to understand that the number of similar dispatches per stoner should be controlled. They shouldn’t appear every five twinkles unless the particularity of the operation itself requires it. else, you run the threat of getting multitudinous uninstallations.

still, the number of rung and followership engagement will multiply, If you did everything right. Are you interested in the perpetuation of the technology? Contact TechMagic to get a professional discussion.

12. Internet of effects

in our list of marketing technology assiduity trends is the Internet of effects conception. The main advantage of the IoT is that this conception allows for more effective commerce with the followership.

5 main changes will do in the field of marketing after the wide preface of the Internet of effects

Simplified exchange of deal data.
One of the most important criteria for a business is deal data. With information about how, where, and how important your products are vented, you can acclimatize your sweats to the current request situation. Smart bias will collect and transmit this data to you in real-time. This technology allows you to produce effective marketing strategies and ameliorate numerous pointers for the company;
Instant consumer analysis.
Through a combination of the Internet of effects and CRM, companies will be suitable to collect and organize client data;
perfecting the quality of service for bias.
With the help of IoT, bias will tone- assess their service life, take care of ordering corridor or their relief in advance, which will save consumers time, and manufacturers- track specialized characteristics and speed up service;
adding the effectiveness of advertising.
Thanks to IoT results, companies will be suitable to produce more applicable advertisements that will significantly increase the number of buyers. With the help of connected bias, companies process information about each being an implicit client. assaying druggies ’ habits, preferences, and tastes helps produce products and advertising juggernauts that attract as numerous buyers as possible. also, announcements are generally targeted at the average person. IoT, in turn, offers an individual approach to each client;
SMM optimization.
When notorious social networks like Facebook and Twitter were born, numerous marketers didn’t perceive them as effective working tools. After some time, this position was defeated. At the moment, absolutely all marketers of large companies note that if you spend at least a many a day on SMM, the company’s Internet business will increase significantly. marketing